Let me tell you a little about myself,

My name is Nicole I am an Advertising major at Texas State University. I grew up in Austin,Texas and over the years have developed a serious passion for all things green. I grew up in a conservative family so I can make sense of the stigma about marijuana and hemp. What has become so clear to me over time is that this bias is due primarily to years and years of mis-information. I must say I am a true believer in knowledge being power, and I hope to share the truth with my fellow leaders of tomorrow.

As I go through college I continue to soak up as much about the world as I can, as I enjoy life behind the looking glass. Moving into the future I hope to live a sustainable lifestyle in a variety of ways. I can just picture myself now, reading my book and drinking my morning coffee while gazing out onto my seemingly endless acres of hemp and marijuana. Thanks to my hemp insulated tiny house I am enjoying the nice brisk winter morning in Montana, or maybe Spain, or heck by that time maybe even my homeland of Texas. I prepare to start my day overseeing the lands harvests, as well as managing my homegrown (undecided on which hemp based-product) business. That is the ultimate goal.

I have developed an obsession for the industrial hemp industry and truly believe it will be a huge part in reshaping the future of humankind. Being in Texas, it is strenuous to not currently having access to these plants directly. However, I lather myself up in hemp lotion and cozy up in my hemp sweatpants and somehow I am able to sleep at  night. Scientists are learning new things about hemp everyday, and so am I.

I hope you will take this journey with us!