Having a blog about Industrial Hemp

As the semester wraps up I must report on how my blogging experience has gone thus far. I must say I have enjoyed being able to share, what I find to be, such exciting information. And believe me, I still have much more to share!

After the long weeks I must give a shoutout to my one follower, and thanks to all who have read and followed along. It seems my Prohibition: Part 2 was the most viewed post, tied also with Its as simple as corn flakes and whiskey. I got the most views on the day of October 18,2016, and am excited to report I reached two countries! My blog has been viewed in the United States along with in Sweden, how exciting.

Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 3.33.17 PM.png

So we had a couple slow weeks… There is no doubt the biggest referrer to my blog site was my Twitter account. I created one and followed many hemp and marijuana related accounts. The interactive aspect allowed me to retweet their tweets so they would notice and follow my account. From there I would occasionally slide in a tweet promoting my blog posts in between retweets, I believe this is where I got the most traffic for my blog.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my blogging experience, I remain passionate about hemp and hope I can continue to share with the people in my community and beyond! There’s a video from Youtube that pretty much catches us up on everything we have covered so far, if you’d like to take a couple minutes it provides a good summary of industial hemp and why its so awesome.


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