Having a blog about Industrial Hemp

As the semester wraps up I must report on how my blogging experience has gone thus far. I must say I have enjoyed being able to share, what I find to be, such exciting information. And believe me, I still have much more to share!

After the long weeks I must give a shoutout to my one follower, and thanks to all who have read and followed along. It seems my Prohibition: Part 2 was the most viewed post, tied also with Its as simple as corn flakes and whiskey. I got the most views on the day of October 18,2016, and am excited to report I reached two countries! My blog has been viewed in the United States along with in Sweden, how exciting.

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So we had a couple slow weeks… There is no doubt the biggest referrer to my blog site was my Twitter account. I created one and followed many hemp and marijuana related accounts. The interactive aspect allowed me to retweet their tweets so they would notice and follow my account. From there I would occasionally slide in a tweet promoting my blog posts in between retweets, I believe this is where I got the most traffic for my blog.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my blogging experience, I remain passionate about hemp and hope I can continue to share with the people in my community and beyond! There’s a video from Youtube that pretty much catches us up on everything we have covered so far, if you’d like to take a couple minutes it provides a good summary of industial hemp and why its so awesome.


Some of my favorite new finds!

I’ve been searching all semester, seeking out hemp products that were accessible to students just like me. Here are some of my favorite finds so far, although there will be many more to come still!

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Here’s the link to get a beanie just like mine, and if anyone wants to buy me a wallet I’d be overjoyed because thats definitely my next purchase. -> HEMPYS.COM