The “King of Seeds”

The hemp plant has a unique versatility, that opens up endless market possibilities. What many believe to be the most prominent method of extracting value from this plant is through its seeds. Hemp has been called “King of Seeds” or Shaah-daaneh, by The Persian people for over four millennia. If you’ve been reading along with Hemp Bound then you know our friend Farhoud Delijani, whom as a child grew up native to Iran. He tells Fine, that hemp seeds were his favorite farsi snack growing up as a kid and was a common on-the-go snack; like for on the way to soccer practice for example. “Pop ’em in by the handful, shells on. Yum, it was just really tasty.”

So not all of us want to get our fatty acids by crunching on seeds but just in case you do, I I would recommend toasting them first, or even trying out a fun recipe from the web.  I’ve never tried the seeds themselves but I have tried multiple hemp oil edible products. According to the North American Industrial Hemp Council, there are a couple steps that show how these seeds are taken and turned into various products.


The hemp seed has become widely accessible and even seemingly trendy, as it was featured on SHAPE. A quick understanding hemp seeds was provided,

“These little seeds give you the complete nutritional power of hemp with their blend of omega-3 and omega-6 fats, high fiber content, and quality amino acid profile. Hemp seeds are also high in magnesium, a mineral that helps with relaxation, blood sugar control, blood pressure, and potentially osteoporosis, and that is generally low in women.”

The article assures readers that eating hemp has nothing to do with passing a drug test, and actually had astounding health benefits! Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods is the obvious leader in the hemp seed game, as their HempHearts are making recipes across the internet. The hemp seed can be consumed whole or be turned into the number of products listed above. Next week we will dive deeper into hemp oil specifically.


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