Time to play catch-up

Well if you are from Austin, as I am, you most likely know of a newly buzzing local spot (or should I say spots now) called Blenders & Bowls. They have the tastiest variety of fruity and naturally fueling snacks, and this time I saw something I had never noticed before. unnamed.jpg

I had the option to get hemp milk, hemp granola, and hemp seeds all added in as options and oh my goodness I tried them all and they were amazing! I highly recommend testing out one of my favorites places to grab a healthy snack if you are ever in the area. Here is the before picture of my blender bowl that was drained of all its endless fruit and happiness inside shortly thereafter. Try not to drool.

The point is, that hemp is already merging into several markets and very few Americans seem aware, let alone are willing and ready to jump in just yet. The truth is the industrial hemp industry is already on its way up, and America with the current legal implications that stand, is falling farther and farther behind. Although this industry is still in its infancy, it can already to be seen undoubtedly profitable in at least three sound markets around the world. America sadly has yet to come to the hemp side and is not a competitor in any hemp markets.

The kinks are still being worked out throughout the processes, but these countries see it’s outstanding value and are wasting no time. Doug Fine clarifies for us that “In Canada it’s seed oil, in China it’s textiles, and in Europe its construction(and other industrial markets).” This Hemp market, while still working through several growing pains let alone international regulations, our neighbors were still able to extract around a half billion dollars from us. That estimate is from buying Canadian hemp products alone, and even that number rises annually at about 20%.

Canada being our close neighbor is quickly mocked as call tree-hugging socialists, but I think they might be on to something our American greed has made us blind too. Sadly some researcher say America is about two decades behind others as far as hemp research. Canada has been conducting government-sponsored research for Industrial hemp since 1994. By 1998 they ramped up the crop, and just look how the market has taken off from there!

Next time we will look more into everyday hemp products that may have been hiding in front of our faces the whole time! One of the most popular like I had mentioned was the hemp seed! It seems to be a new craze in the health world and I have attached a short and sweet article from the Marijuana Times that may tell you a little more about this superfood taking over our super markets! Like I mentioned I tried them for the first time in my blender bowl and they were crunchy and delicious, and I felt super energized after! If your’e into a healthy diet definitely a super-food I recommend checking out.


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