Hemp Bound

Hello! My name is Nicole.

I’ll start by explaining a little about myself, and why I have chosen a topic as such.

The American society is consumed with debate over the best solution to our critical resources problem, yet we see little actually being  done about the problem. Our manufacturing methods press on unaffected by the pollution, and  our elected leaders continue about unfazed by malnourishment or poverty. Facts and truth seem to be lost in the whirl of mass media and popular opinion. I knew there had to be other solutions out there, we were just missing it.

Like many of my peers, this impending doom seemed a little frustrating to me. I myself plan to live a sustainable lifestyle in the future so I have done quite a bit of personal research, and have found a passion in Industrial Hemp. I believe there is a lack of knowledge on hemp, and even a misconception due to its close relation to Marijuana. However the hemp plant has unique versatility, and has been used across the globe for thousands of years. The usage of hemp is undoubtedly a step in the direction of a cleaner and more efficient environment.

The purpose of this page is essentially to inform. For all the tree-huggers trying to save the world, the businessman or woman trying to scope out the next big bucks, or just the everyday person looking for some new super helpful products to try out. The United States is one of the few industrialized nation that does not currently allow the cultivation of hemp.. and that needs to change! I  will discuss the difference between marijuana and hemp, its uses and benefits, as long as current laws and legislations involving industrial hemp. I hope to provide better understanding, which I believe will lead to the acceptance and reform of current hemp standards and allow for the legalization of Industrial Hemp in the United States of America.


img_2183This book helped open my eyes to the world of hemp, Doug Fine does an amazing job explaining to the average person the comprehensive changes this plant will have on our world and economy. This is an awesome book that I recommend to all my readers wanting to learn more!

Also, I would like to direct you to the Hemp Industries Association website, because they met this past weekend in Denver, CO. They are the “forefront of the drive for fair and equal treatment of industrial hemp”, and a good source for information as well.


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